Tony Vengrove

Strategy & Innovation Executive | Founder of Miles Finch Innovation®

I'm obsessed with the concept of business done better. It's what drove me to become a successful executive in advertising, brand marketing and corporate innovation and it's the same impetus that compelled me to pursue my entrepreneurial ventures. I'm a deep thinker, an explorer, and a dreamer. My insatiable curiosity and constant imagining of what could be allows me to identify and solve problems before most people even recognize there are problems. It's what I do naturally and effortlessly--and I love every second of it. It's also why I've enjoyed decades of success delivering creative solutions to the toughest challenges facing businesses and nonprofits across a diverse range of industries.

For the past four years, I've been skating to where I believe the innovation puck is headed: a focus on creative leadership skills. I love to coach, mentor, and speak about what it really takes to lead innovation. As Warren Bennis once said, "There are two ways of being creative. One can sing or dance. Or one can create the environment in which singers and dancers flourish." Using my Idea Climate Equation® and Seven C's of Creative Leadership frameworks, I help leaders and organizations learn how to walk the innovation talk and create the conditions for ideas to transform into successful innovations.

In addition to leading Miles Finch Innovation, I founded Makery, a community organization that tells the stories of makers, creators and entrepreneurs in Litchfield County, CT. I proudly serve on the Board of Directors of ASAP! in Washington, CT.

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